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from Denver, Colorado

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Take care of yourself, Gregory. I love you and your music. Need you to be around for thirty more years, okay?
22.7.2014 04:42

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My Cross to Bear was an interesting read and led me to Galadrielle's book as well. I gagged at the Beluga cavier but would REALLY like your Momma's Chicken Salad recipe! Would she allow you to share it?
18.7.2014 13:05
from Orlando, Fl.

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Hi Gregory, I hope you are doing better today. I see the love and friendship all around you from everyone here to help you heal. I love you so much. I hope that you will take your time getting better. We need you around for a lot longer dude ! As I always say, "He's not done with me yet." I saw a pic of you and Momma A on her Birthday. So cool you two got to spend some time together. She adores you, I know. She told me personally. Love and hugs to you. "Cookie" in Orlando.
Sometimes I Feel Like The Post and the not the Whip
14.7.2014 15:20
from Marietta, GA

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Hi Gregory. Just wanted to say that you are in our prayers and I hope that you are feeling much better. Have been very worried about you. I recently saw you in Santa Rosa Beach and it meant the world to me! I just want you to be able to enjoy the rest of your life and not work yourself into the ground! We love you and we know how much music is your life. However, we'd rather have you alive and happy so we can enjoy you! Please take care! All our love, Bonnie in Marietta Georgia.
14.7.2014 12:28
from The Eye of the Needle

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"The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love."

Hubert H. Humphrey

Gregg, from me, you have both.
13.7.2014 23:07

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