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from Cleveland, Ohio

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Hi all, I just finished "My cross to Bear"...what an awesome reading experience...I felt like I was in the audience of every single concert/jam Gregg describes..I have loved the band since the beginning and now I have such admiration for Gregg..getting sober and getting healthy...Thanks for getting that book together, I have been waiting for years!!!!! Love your music...Michele C.
11.9.2014 15:47

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You are my husband's (Evan) FAVORITE band ever, and we are coming to the Beacon to see you on Oct 24th. He just turned 60 and it would mean the world to him if we could meet Greg and the band, if only for 2 minutes, after the show. Is this possible?? He has seen you live for several concerts. We're sitting in the balcony, Row A, seats 22 and 24. I hope you can make his 60th even better! - Sincerely, Meg Black
Meg Black
5.9.2014 14:54
from Monticello, Fl.

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I have the Jan 16 1975 issue of the Rolling Stone and would love to have Gregg autograph this for me. I know of no other way to ask. Could the Big House use this? Thanks Gregg for 45 years of sharing your gift and look foreword to your solo tour. I pray you will stay healthy and keep on doing what you want to do, bring it every time.
Wrong String Ric
1.9.2014 15:15
from new britain,Ct.

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Hello Gregg ,
I love creating art for musicians or should I say LEGENDS .I have submitted one piece to The Big House of your Brother and was touched by the response it received by "G" John ,and Rich .I have an idea to do a Timeline for you something like I did for Mr. Buddy Guy.Input is always great.Thank you for such great music through the years.Your music has always made my art beat.Stay strong, and thank you for 45 years of soulful music to overcome any obstacle life throws at us...
30.8.2014 22:08
from Orlando, Fl.

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Hi there. Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you today. I want to thank you for filling the void in my life. I have been listening to your music every day for months now and it inspires me to sing and dance. I love you Gregory and love your ways. I am a one of a kind gal and I know you like that too. Take care and be safe. Love to you, today and always. "Cookie"
Sometimes I Feel Like The Post and the not the Whip
29.8.2014 15:48

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