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Gregg and Mindi Abair's song, "Just Say When is growing on me. It's kinda sweet.
File:St. Louis Blues cover.jpg
21.10.2014 21:16
from Avondale,Arizona

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Dear Gregg,Hoping this note finds you well.I wanted to tell you a short story.I've been going to concerts since I was 13.The only time I was ever able to see you was in Florida at the on the water stage in Key Biscayne.Do you remember that show? You on piano with a small I think 21 piece [orc.]It was awesome! Laid Back Record Time.Now you're on a tour.I live in Arizona now and have no idea if I'll ever have the chance to hear you tickle the ivory again.I'd really love to know if that's going to happen?Could someone get in touch with me?My number is 623-888-9462.All my best wishes,love and respect.Carol xoxo
21.10.2014 16:44

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You so glad you have recovered from your illness in March and so look forward to the concert on the 24th! Thank you for rescheduling!
16.10.2014 19:24

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Hey, "Eat A Peach," the song is "DREAMS!!" Yes, we know that you knew, brothers & sisters!!
15.10.2014 12:17

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Hi Gregg: Just read today in Variety that you were in Georgia this week. Our prayers continue to avail with you in this matter. We are so thankful the good LORD brought you out of that severe illlness and has you up and running. We pray for you & the Band always. Listen, just yesterday while driving over to Statesboro (visiting Georgia Southern University) I was thinking on you & the Band's song,"Midnight Rider," "... get myself outta bed...put on my walkin' shoes...climb up the mountatin, see what I can see...: and Gregg, you know how we are with music, and I was driving and thinking about that song, and I remembered, thinking 'bout the bands...and I remembered that Molly Hatchett has done the best cover for that song. Of course, knowing music as you do, I'm sure your ears will agree with mine. I believe its those guitars & percussive rhyhyms that make Molly Hatchett's cover the best take, do you think? It;s so wonderful knowing you were only a few miles away..."...put on a brand new walk...see what I can see...whole world is falling, right down in front of me...," Of course, Hatchett does the best cover, but no one does it like the you and the Allmamn Bros. Here's to you & Molly Hatchett! Look, we hope that you will juxtapose Molly Hatchett in the Midnight Rider production with the Allman Bros., both bands doing that song. I'm sure it will work with the right script!! Perhaps you might want to confer with Scorscese?? Gregg, we truly LOVE YOU!!
15.10.2014 11:42

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