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Loved Gregg's book. I am 61yrs old and reading ,about , listening to the Allman Brothers brings back great old memories. Thank you for the ride
26.2.2015 14:40
from Sarasota, Florida

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How to become an Angel:

I did what it said to do a couple years ago, but never heard anything.
"I'm hung up on dreams I'll never see."
19.2.2015 17:27

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I was at both Nashville shows, I hope they are better than them. I think that the promoter should book opening acts that reflect the talent of Gregg himself. I also have great seats for both Ohio shows and they are Gregg Allman only, so I don't have that problem there. Saw Gregg a couple years ago in Nashville, his son Devon opened for him, opened up a whole new act to go see. I have seen Devon and the RSB several times since then.
Thanks, Ron
18.2.2015 17:49
from Meeechigan

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Has anyone heard who is opening for Gregg at the Chicago shows?
Plaid is one effin ugly color.
17.2.2015 18:03
from Virginia

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Yes, I too would like information on becoming an angel. Please post
15.2.2015 23:10

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