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from Orlando, Fl.

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Hi there. Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you today. I want to thank you for filling the void in my life. I have been listening to your music every day for months now and it inspires me to sing and dance. I love you Gregory and love your ways. I am a one of a kind gal and I know you like that too. Take care and be safe. Love to you, today and always. "Cookie"
Sometimes I Feel Like The Post and the not the Whip
29.8.2014 15:48

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After reading "Cross to bear", I had to get to Macon. Luckily I was working in ATL and headed to Lauderdale, so I could make the stop. I went to Rosehill and spent a little time paying respects to the brothers. Before I left, a train rolled on by. I could only imagine what this place was like 35-40 years ago. I had no idea that just a month later, I would get to see you in Annapolis @ the Ramshead. Thanks so much for helping me with the "seat". I got to meet Chank and he was such a nice guy. He signed my book. The show was amazing and I enjoyed listening to Gregg and the band. Thinking about seeing ABB in Virginia next month!
22.8.2014 18:34
from Pennsylvania

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For years, I waited to be able to see The Allman Brothers. A few weeks ago, I called my father (a long-time fan of Allman Brothers)to tell him that I could not afford to buy a ticket to Peach Festival. My loving father got on his computer and bought 3 tickets for himself, his girlfriend, and me. So on August 16th, the three of us went to Peach Festival. I will never forget the experience. People talk about Woodstock for the rest of their lives; I will talk about Peach Festival for the rest of my life. When my father texted me a picture of the concert tickets I cried. When I heard Mr. Gregg Allman sing at the Peach Festival I cried again. I grew up in a household where music is a major part of our lives. I can remember as far back as being 6 years old and hearing 'Trouble No More' come from my father's stereo. Allman Brothers has been a part of my life, like many others for so long. It was an emotional experience to see the legendary Mr. Allman do his thing on that stage. This concert was the 7th time my father had seen Allman Brothers. Although it was my first Allman Brothers concert, it was not my first concert ever. I have seen BB King, Santana, Buddy Guy. Johnny Lang, Susan Tadeschi, Foo Fighters, Johnny Copeland, and John Lee Hooker among many others. The Allman Brothers at Peach Festival was by far the most memorable musical experience for me. I hope to see Mr. Gregg Allman again; perhaps at Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe, Pa.
Dear Allman Brothers, Thank you.
Sincerely, Alyssa.
Thank you, Daddy, for getting me there.
22.8.2014 10:35

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Still waiting for the reschedule of the Boise Idaho show, what is taking the tour manager so long ?
18.8.2014 10:57
from pa.

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Could not go to peach festival so would love so much if u would make another stop in pa. soon like penns peak or the whitsle. Just think u are wonderful!!!!!!
Donna Keck hunsinger 7
17.8.2014 10:03

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