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Just got back from the Big House,first time there. Saw Rose Hill also.For someone that has had the Allman Brothers in their life for as long as I have seeing Macon was a high point in my life.I can't express the feelings I had taking it all in.I will be a regular visitor there in the future .I just wanted to thank Joanne who greeted me at the house and was so kind to tell me a little bit of history.Thanks again Kevin Kelly
12.8.2014 21:45

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I thought I was going to see you. I was afraid when I bought the ticket that I wouldn't be happy with it. I had a feeling that was going to happen. Something similar happened at Merriweather when I saw the Allman Brothers. It happened when I went to Macon too.

You won't be seeing or hearing from me again. You wouldn't believe the crap I've been thru because of you. That was awhile ago. At least I hope that's in the past. I'm sure you don't care. You ask questions, but it doesn't mean anything. That's obvious.

I guess I didn't really understand the meaning of a playboy.

You are the quintessential "Desperado". You should take the advice. At least in my opinion. I did a really good recording of that song with no effects.

Can't say I didn't try.
File:St. Louis Blues cover.jpg
10.8.2014 17:57
from Washington State

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I am so sad that you were not able to be at the Pacific Northwest shows. I had tickets for all of them! I cannot afford the Beacon Theater tickets or would be there in a heartbeat. Hope you are feeling well and that all the upcoming shows are fantastic!
Peace to you.
Oh by the way, I'm bound for Rome...
8.8.2014 17:01
from Orlando, Fl.

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I want to say how much I love you and your devotion to music. You have inspired me to sing, dance and enjoy all of the music you have produced. I love you Gregory and I wish you perfect health. "Cookie"
Sometimes I Feel Like The Post and the not the Whip
5.8.2014 10:49
from Montana

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Loved your book. Just finished it and wished it was longer. The first albums I listened to as a 9-year-old little girl were Eat a Peach and Brothers and Sisters. I've bought many of your solo albums through the years too, but never could I have imagined all you and your band members and loved ones went through until I read your book. Thank you for all your music. It still gets me right in my heart.
31.7.2014 00:20

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