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Author: Subject: Taper's thrown out

Peach Pit

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Registered: 10/18/2007
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  posted on 10/18/2007 at 09:31 PM
Last night at the HOB in New Orleans I was forced to take my gear down and leave. There were two of us there setting up to record and security came and escorted us out. They told us that Greg didnt allow taping. We both explain to them that he not only allowed taping but encouraged it. This helped in no way. So we waited at the artist entrance and asked crew (monitor guy was the only one that was nice) walking in and they said the same thing "Greg doesn't allow taping". I even spoke to the road manager getting off the bus and he told me he has been with Greg for years and Greg personally does not like people recording his shows and never allows it. I told the guy that I had taped Greg solo many times and never had a problem and that his website also says he allows recording. This guy told me no way and was very rude. I will never go see Greg solo after last night. I drove 2 hrs and the guy I met there to tape with flew in from Main. Is this what Greg really wants to happen to fans that come to see him? If he no longer wants tapers at his shows why not put it on his website, you know make it known, so I dont hall my expensive gear to his shows only to have to leave it in the car in one of the most crime infested city's in the world in order to watch the show I spent $44.00 to see. I dont want to come off wrong here like some kind of ass. I love Greg. I am a huge fan. I just hate being ejected from a show for doing what I have done before especially when there are so rude about it. I was going to go tape the Vicksburg show also. That wont be happing now. Sorry for the long rant...

Disgruntled Taper


Peach Pit

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Registered: 10/20/2007
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  posted on 10/20/2007 at 02:22 PM
Don't be surprised at rudeness by people who claim to be "around" Gregg. Gregg himself is as nice as anyone can be in his world. Unfortunately to be that creative and keep doing it requires a lot of guts, focus and concentration, so people who are a neccessary part of life on the road often say and behave in a manner that is rude, is obnoxious and just plain assholish-that's on them. They seem to forget who pays their salary. They too will pass. Just listen to the music. No one really speaks for Gregg except Gregg. It's ok.




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